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Graduating Texas Senior
2024 Scholarship Award Recipient's

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Denver Atkins

Denver is a Jim Ned graduate who will be attending South Plains College in the fall, and she plans to earn her associate degree in agriculture communications, then transfer to Texas Tech to earn her bachelors in agricultural communications with a minor in agribusiness. She was raised on a ranch, and her actions will lay the groundwork for a future where agriculture continues to be a proud and prosperous Texan tradition. She plans to embrace today's technology by incorporating data analysis and modern livestock management tools so she can improve breeding programs, monitor herd health more effectively, and increase the overall efficacy of ranch operations. 

Good luck, Denver! We know your impact on the beef industry will be monumental. 

Aubrey Meador

Aubrey graduated from Wylie High School and will attend Clarendon College, where she plans to earn her Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture Education and a Master's Degree in Agriculture. Aubrey is a third-generation cattle breeder and lover of all cattle! She hopes to complete her degree and become an agriculture science instructor. Her experience in Livestock Judging sparked her dreams to purse collegiate judging in the fall and future promotion of the beef industry. Aubrey believes the future of agriculture lies in the hands of our next generation, and as an educator, she will strive to have a positive impact on their take on agriculture today and in the years to come. 

Great job, Aubrey! We believe in your future goals and that your impact on this industry will shine brightly for future generations! 

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future agvocates

Congratulations to the

2024 Big Country CattleWomen

Senior Scholarship Award Recipients! 

The future belongs to the few of us still willing to get our hands dirty.

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